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Indianhead Community Action Agency awarded Security Health Plan Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Grant

Services Offered

ICAA's Youth Development and Prevention program uses a global approach. We look at impacting the environment rather than individuals.

If you use the frog in a pond analogy, there are many programs that can impact each individual frog. However, our job is to focus on making certain the pond is safe so that healthy frogs are produced. As a result, we look at how we can support parents, families, businesses, employers, schools, the community to become stronger and healthier. In doing so, we create a better environment for the youth in Rusk County.

We have three main areas of focus:

  • Substance Use: Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs
  • Mental Health Awareness: Stigma Reduction, Coping Skills, Trainings
  • Youth Development: Empowering and training youth in leadership and advocacy skills

Volunteer Opportunities

We always are looking for people to assist with special events like National Night Out, the LAWSC Safety Fair, Town Hall meetings. We are also looking for people to assist with social media campaigns, newsletters. We also would use people to bake a tray of brownies on occasion.

Community Partners

Educational Opportunities

Trainings and Presentations Available:

  • Alcohol & Other Drug Use/Abuse
  • Strategic Prevention Model
  • Mental Health
  • Leadership
  • Poverty

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