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ICAA's Skills Enhancement Program provides financial support to low income, working individuals wanting to go to school to get a better job. Participants may receive reimbursement for transportation costs, assistance with child care costs while attending classes, and funds to assist with education costs like tuition, books, and fees. For more information, contact the corporate office at 715-532-4222.


Participants must be working at least 20 hours per week, enrolling in a short-term post-secondary program that will lead to a better paying job, and be under 150% of the Federal poverty level.

This program serves Burnett, Washburn, Sawyer, Rusk, Taylor, and Clark counties.


The Skills Enhancement Program has funding to serve about 10 participants per year across the 6 counties.


Department of Children and Families

Community Partners

Any agency can refer participants to our program.

Staff Employed


Success Story

"I had a very hard time finding an organization to help fund my schooling, due to not being able to afford it on my own. I have always loved working with people, and wanted to get into geriatrics care, but most Assisted living centers and nursing homes and even the hospital required a Certification. I did not have the means to pay for schooling so I put my future on hold for many years."

"Then this past August I was put in touch with the Indianhead Skills Enhancement Program. The program helped to pay for not only my tuition for school but also helped pay for childcare, and mileage. The skills enhancement program assisted in bettering my future. This program opened up new opportunities for me to further my life and start a career in geriatrics care and mentally handicapped care."

- Skills Enhancement Participant, used with permission.

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