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"Living in rural Wisconsin, I see the troubles that my fellow community members are facing. I see my friends desiring the best education, nutrition, housing, and care for themselves and their children but without the means. I see my elderly neighbor, a US Veteran, striving to maintain his independence as he ages. I see my favorite local shop desiring to be self-sufficient through self-employment, but needing support as they wish to expand and create more jobs. I see friends battling addictions and mental illness. I alone cannot provide for all of their needs. At the same time, I also see Indianhead's silent presence in my community, working in the background to help myself and my fellow community members to be self-sufficient. I desire to be a part of the wonderful things they are doing. This is why I give." — ICAA Partner

Why Donate?

Your heartfelt donations and the support you provide your community is critical in helping improve the lives of children and families during dismal times; whether they are homeless due to a fire, a foreclosure due to a chronic illness of cancer or a disability, or maybe they are walking through the struggles in the shadows of an addiction. All donations are tax deductible and a wonderful way for you to give back to your community!

These challenges motivate ICAA to take action! ICAA conducts a Community Needs Assessment in the counties we serve every three years. The results from this assessment, together with additional research and continued communication with community partners, are used to create programs that help reduce or eliminate those needs in our communities.

Our goal is to assist individuals, families, businesses, and communities to move up the self-sufficiency matrix from "In-Crisis" to "Stable" and "Thriving."

Self-sufficiency Matrix Example
In Crisis
At Risk
Immediate support is critical Support needed to help family move to stability Family making progress toward stability Family is stable, safe and moving toward thriving Family is thriving
Family has no food or means to prepare it. Relies heavily on other sources of free or low-cost food A majority of the household food is purchased with food assistance (SNAP). Household relies significantly on other sources of free or low-cost food Household can meet basic food needs, but requires occasional assistance from a supplemental food program Household can meet basic food needs without assistance Household has the ability to purchase food of choice

Impact of Your Donation

Healthy Families (Head Start, Early Head Start, Crossroads Literacy, Home Health, and Food Pantry)

Sustainable Communities (Weatherization, Housing, Supportive Services for Veteran Families, and Youth Development and Prevention Services)

Local Businesses (Business Development, Connections Store & More, and Information and Technology Services)

How to Donate

1. Credit Card

2. Check or Money Order



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