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Why Advocate?

Your community can benefit from your efforts! In a 2010 survey of congressional staff by the Congressional Management Foundation, 97% of congressional staff said that constituent visits had 'some' or 'a lot' of influence on an undecided Member. 90% said the same about the influence of postal mail and 88% said an email would influence an undecided member of Congress. One person can make a difference! Your actions bring hope and help to those in need!

Wisconsin Literacy Newsletter

It's Mental Health Awareness Month, But Low-Income Moms are Struggling to Get Treatment (Leads to another website)

For Our Babies

Don't take away Health Insurance from Infants, Toddlers, and Parents

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How do I get started?

A powerful way to persuade others is through writing letters to the editor and having them published in your local newspapers. The link below provides instructions on how to construct a powerful letter to the editor. (Will open a new webpage)

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